Monday, October 24, 2011

[TRANS] “President, give us our cellphones if we win first place.”

“Full of masculinity!” Rookie idol group Boyfriend who released the song “Boyfriend” in May which gave off the lively charms of youth has made their comeback with their second single.

The feeling of working with composer SweeTune who has composed Kara, Rainbow and Infinite’s hit songs is undeniably different. SweeTune lets Boyfriend sing the song with feeling, and supplies them with many suggestions.

In this time’s interview, Boyfriend was asked the question “The message Boyfriend members want to convey to someone”.

Dong Hyun(22), the oldest member of the group, who is also the leader told the members “Until now, we’ve done everything together, there will surely be a tired side. Because I’ve been very tough, there has been some sad incidents. There isn’t any other thing I want to say, I just want to thank you for following me. I will stick to my ways so please trust me and follow me”.

Hyunseong(18) acted spoiled by talking about his expectations towards Sports Soul. “Please write our article nicely. I wish we can win the Rookie of the Year award this time, we’ve never won it before. If we win it, we’ll work even harder”.

Jeongmin(17) sent a message to the fans. “Thank you to the Daum Cafe Bestfriends. I really worked hard to prepare for the new song and I have a lot to show to everyone. During fansigning and fanmeeting events in the future, I’ll show everyone many more different images”.

Youngmin(16) conveyed his expectations toward their company Starship Entertainment’s Golden Age representative by saying “Thank you for trusting us and letting us debut. I will never forget my initial dreams and work hard to improve every day. I have something I want to request from you. To be able to improve in our activities, can you return the cellphones we gave up to you previously if we win first place? To be able to communicate more efficiently, we need cellphones, haha”.

Kwangmin(16) made a request towards the TV station’s staff. “We weren’t experienced in doing variety shows during our first single album. Now that we’ve improved a little and have the urge to go on variety shows, please use Boyfriend whenever you need to. The skills of imitating the action of singing in the dorm, training vocal cords to imitate others and more”.

Maknae Minwoo(16) said to his hyungs “In the dorms, I’m the one on cleaning duty, if only we could clean the place together. It’s better to live in a nice environment, right?”.

Source(s): Sports Soul, Translations; MiNi @ Weibo and boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr [via BFKPOP]