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Boyfriend at Gwangju Fan Signing Event

Fantaken - Pictures of Boyfriend at Gwangju Fan Signing Event. | Source(s): As watermarked and

Boyfriend leaving the Beauty Salon

Fantaken - Pictures of Boyfriend leaving the Beauty Salon. [111016] | Source(s): Hana-Kim @ Weibo

Boyfriend OTW to Musicbank

Fantaken - Pictures of Boyfriend on their way to Music Bank. | Source(s): Hana-Kim @ Weibo, Sweethamster, Afterparty

Boyfriend OTW to Inkigayo

Fantaken - Pictures of Boyfriend (Minwoo and Youngmin) on their way to SBS Inkigayo | Source(s): yoonjae

Boyfriend at MBC FM Shim Shim Tapa

Boyfriend at MBC Shim Shim Tapa.with Super Junior's Shindong | Source(s): MBC Official Website via MiniBF 95line



Don't Touch My Girl Screencaps

Boyfriend's MV "Don't Touch My Girl" features memories from the individual members, who all have dated Lee Se Young at one point in different ways and scene. BFKPOP related Posts: (1) | Source(s): Screencaps @ Don't Touch My Girl MV

Pictures from Boyfriend's Twitter Account

Pictures from Boyfriend's Official Account - BFKPOP Tweet Posts: Minwoo's Tweet 1, Donghyun's Tweet 1 | Source(s): Boyfriend's Twitter Account


Jo Twins Pre-debut [1]

Jo Twins Pre-debut | Source(s):  Naver and Daum via @ BNation

Minwoo Pre-debut [1]

No Minwoo Pre-debut [Age: 7] | Source(s): Naver via nathaniel @ BNation

Minwoo Pre-debut [2] - School Picture

Minwoo Pre-debut School Picture | Source(s): via myboyfriendminwoo@tumblr

Jo Twins Pre-debut [2]

Jo Twins Pre-debut | Source(s): Naver via nathaniel @ BNation

Youngmin Pre-debut

Youngmin Pre-debut | Source(s): Naver

Boyfriend on "Sparkling" Magazine

Scans of "Sparkling" Magazine -  October 2011 Issue. | Source(s): Jhinx @ Boyfriend Philippines

Boyfriend GIFS at Inkigayo

Boyfriend GIFS during Don't Touch My Girl Comeback Performance at Inkigayo | Source(s): loveu24 @ Tumblr

Don't Touch My Girl Album Cover and Individual Pictures

Boyfriend's 2nd Single Album Don't Touch My Girl Album Cover + Individual Pictures. | Source(s): Boyfriend Official Cafe

Royal Military Uniform Photoshoot (Don't Touch My Girl Concept)

Boyfriend Official Cafe released individual and group photos of Boyfriend in Royal Military Uniforms (Boyfriend's Don't Touch My Girl Concept). | Source(s): Boyfriend Official Cafe

Boyfriend Photobook Scans

Boyfriend with Son Yeon Jae

Boyfriend with Son Yeon Jae. | Credit(s): Sports Chosun

Boyfriend Hello Baby

Pictures of Boyfriend during Hello Baby. | Credit(s): Arts News  

Boyfriend Lucky Disc

As a sign of appreciation, Boyfriend produced 700 copies of limited edition "Don't Touch My Girl" Albums with Lucky Golden Discs .. Read the Full Article Here. | Credit(s): Boyfriend Official Cafe

[3Min] Music Centric Mini-Fan Meeting

Pictures of 3Min at Music Centric during Mini-Fan Meeting.  | Credit(s): jikjjik @ 95line






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