Saturday, October 15, 2011

[HYUNSEONG] Hyunseong's Tweet

On October 15, Hyunseong tweeted using their Official Boyfriend Twitter Account.

BoyFriend[B.F현성] 오늘 전라도에서 공연도하고 싸인회도 했습니다 새 앨범으로 오랜만에 만나서 너무재밌었고 팬들과 오랜만에 가까이 볼수있어서 좋았습니다 반가웠어요

Translation: [BF:HyunSeong] in today’s Cholla(?) and signing these albums. A new album in a long time was so much fun to meet fans and was good for a long time so it was nice to see closer.
— Hyunseong (via Official Boyfriend Twitter)  [Translation (c)  @fyeahboyfriend2011 @ Tumblr]

Source: Official Boyfriend Twitter Account, Translation; (c) fyeahboyfriend2011 @ Tumblr

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on 'Music Core'

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on 'Music Core'. Check out their comeback stage performance below:

Video Source: CrazyCarrotNew210 @ Youtube

[VIDEO] Boyfriend Fan Shout for Pynk Concert in Thailand

Boyfriend Fan Shout for Pynk Concert in Thailand. Check out the video below:

Translation: I'm your Boyfriend! Hello, let's see us together at the opening concert "Pynk" this coming 26th of October at Paragon 

Source: Video: pynkfm @ Youtube, Translation: iloveboyfriendband

Friday, October 14, 2011

[VIDEO] Boyfriend at M-net wide - Comeback Boyfriend

Update Logs
 10/14 Update: Original Post* Boyfriend at M Countdown Backstage + Video | Source: zxcv101019 @ Youtube
 10/14 Update: + Update Video + Title Update: "M-net wide - Comeback Boyfriend." | Source: 13fronkeyY @ Youtube

Boyfriend at M-net wide - Comeback Boyfriend. Check out the video below:

Source: 13fronkeyY @ Youtube

[PICS] Boyfriend at MBC FM Shim Shim Tapa

Boyfriend at MBC Shim Shim Tapa. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close)



Source: MBC Official Website via MiniBF 95line

Thursday, October 13, 2011

[BFKPOP POLL] What is the most romantic scene for you?

Boyfriend's MV "Don't Touch My Girl" features memories from the individual members, who all have dated Lee Se Young at one point in different ways and scene. For you, "What do you think is the most romantic scene featured in the Music Video?"

Brushing Teeth with Jeongmin? Taking Fun Memories with Youngmin? Having a Picnic with Minwoo? Bonding with Donghyun? Playing Basketball with Hyunseong? or Riding a Bike with Kwangmin?

[FAN GIRLS] If you have the chance to date 1 Member, Who do you want to choose?
[FAN BOYS] If you have the chance to date Lee Se Young, Where do you want to go?

Comment all of your answers below!

[MINWOO] Minwoo's Tweet

On October 13, Minwoo tweeted using their Official Boyfriend Twitter Account.

BoyFriend[B.F:민우] 우와아 ㅇㅅㅇ 사전녹화를끝내구 대기실에서 플랜카드에 싸인하구 편지쓰고있어요!!!방송와주신분들 너무너무감사드려용> ,<다음번에만나면 더 많은 민우의매력을...ㅎㅎ 또만나요!!!기다리구있을께용~~ 

[Translation] [B.F: Minwoo] Woahh ㅇㅅㅇ finished the recording, signing and writing letter on a placard now at the waiting room!!! Thanks for all who are coming >,< Will show more Minwoo’s charm when we meet again next time.. ㅎㅎ Meet again!!! I’m waiting for it
— Minwoo (via Official Boyfriend Twitter)  [Translation (c)  @G_BoyfriendIndo]

Source: Official Boyfriend Twitter Account, Translation; (c) @G_BoyfriendIndo

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on 'M Countdown'

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on 'M Countdown'. Check out their comeback stage performance below:

Video Source: CrazyCarrotExtra2 @ Youtube

[NEWS] Boyfriend’s dance moves are becoming popular

The music video for group Boyfriend’s new song “Don’t Touch My Girl” dance version was recently released.

According to Boyfriend’s agency, "The song has pure and emotional lyrics but the dance moves are powerful and disciplined. Boyfriend’s performance is drawing a lot of attention".

Many people are parodying the dance moves and uploading their videos on several online video sites, including You Tube. The video for “Don’t Touch My Girl” has over 1.3 million hits on You Tube in five days after the release.

Source: Starnews via Boyfriend

[VIDEO] Boyfriend Behind the Scene Interview in Yinyuetai

Boyfriend Behind The Scene of Interview in Yinyuetai. Check out the video below:

Source: girlluvbf @ Youtube

[JEONGMIN] Jeongmin tweeted about Lucky Disc

On October 12, Jeongmin tweeted using their Official Boyfriend Twitter Account about the Lucky Disc.

BoyFriend[B.F:정민] 여러분!!보이프렌드 2nd 싱글발매 기념 이벤트를 준비했어요! 럭키디스크를 찾아라+_+!! 그럼 뿅~!

[Translation] Everyone! To celebrate Boyfriend 2nd Single, we prepared an event! Find the Lucky disk+_+!! Well, Ppyong~!
— Jeongmin (via Official Boyfriend Twitter)  [Translation (c)  fvna - BNation]

Source: Official Boyfriend Twitter Account, Translation; (c) FVNA via BNation

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[MV] Boyfriend releases dance version of MV for Don't Touch My Girl

After impressing fans with an upgraded image for their latest song, “Don’t Touch My Girl“, the members of Boyfriend are back to impress with the full dance version of their music video! Check it out below!

The group recently headlined for garnering over one million views in just under three days, so they’re hoping that with this new release, they’ll continue their trend of success . They’re known for their top-notch dancing skills, which really shines in this video against a muted backdrop.

Source: Article; allkpop - Video; starshiptv

[JOTWINS] Boyfriend reveals their tips on how to tell the differences between Youngmin and Kwangmin

Boyfriend is known for being one of the few groups in K-Pop that has twin brothers. Although it’s easy to tell the twins apart by their hairstyles, what would happen if they wore a hat? The members gave some pointers on how to differentiate between Youngmin and Kwangmin.

They began, “You can tell Youngmin and Kwangmin apart without relying on their hairstyles alone.”Hyunsung continued, “Kwangmin has a longer jawline while Youngmin’s is softer and more feminine.”

Leader Donghyun added, “They have different personalities as well. Youngmin is easy-going and smooth, while Kwangmin is masculine. Kwangmin is like the hyung, but at the end of the day, Youngmin steps up as the real hyung when he has to.”

Reminiscing back to the first time he saw them, Donghyun stated, “I was with the twins when we were training, but I didn’t know they were twins at first. They had different hair colors then as well. Our training rooms are divided into room ‘A’ and room ‘B’ and I remember being shocked to see the same kid in two different rooms. I thought I had seen an illusion.” He continued, “I sometimes wonder how fortunate Youngmin and Kwangmin are to be able to tell each other everything. No matter how close we are as members, it isn’t easy to bring up personal thoughts.”

Source: TV Report via Naver, Photos (c) 95line

[JEONGMIN] Jeongmin says, “I made Lee Se Young bleed”

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin recently apologized to actress Lee Se Young. On the 12th, Jung Min said, “I shot the music video for our song “Don’t Touch My Girl” and acted for the first time in my life. I was so nervous that I made Lee bleed.”

Every Boyfriend member performed with Lee in the video. Jeongmin and Lee brushed each other’s teeth. Jeongmin said, “I brushed Lee’s teeth too hard. I didn’t know it was hard while we were shooting because Lee was smiling like an angel. But after the shooting, there was blood on the tooth brush.”

He added, “She didn’t get upset or she didn’t show her displeasure because she worried that I might get in trouble.”

Source: TV REPORT via Boyfriend Fanclub @

[SCANS] Boyfriend on "Sparkling" Magazine

Scans of "Sparkling" Magazine - October 2011 Issue. Check out the scans below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close)

Source: Jhinx @ Boyfriend Philippines

[CHART] Boyfriend Rank No. 2 on Hanteo Chart!

Boyfriend's 2nd Single Album "Don't Touch My Girl" Ranked 2 on Hanteo Chart!

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl ranked 2 on Hanteo Chart

Manager Kim Jiseon (Starship Representative - Boyfriend General Manager) tweeted "Boyfriend Rank No. 2 on Hanteo Chart!"

Kim Ji Seon.

퇴근하는 길~! 기분좋다. 한터차트 2위 //ㅇ//

[Translation via Google Translate]
Way to go home! I feel good. Hanteo chart # 2 / / ㅇ / /

— Kim Ji Seon (via Twitter @KimJ_S)  [Translation - Google Translate]

Source: Kim Ji Seon's Twitter, Photo (c) BFKPOP - PS @ Hanteo Chart

[NEWS] Boyfriend reveals that their bunk beds collapse on them constantly

6-member rookie group Boyfriend recently revealed a situation that almost caused a delay in their album’s release.

Sitting down for an interview with Newsen, the boys went into some details about their preparation process for their 2nd mini-album “Don’t Touch My Girl”. “The album almost wasn’t released on time,”they shared.

Leader Donghyun explained, “I was sleeping in our dorm when I heard something crashing down in a half-asleep state. Then something fell down on top of my face and body… I opened my eyes out of surprise but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything, and my face was hurting… I first thought maybe it was sleep paralysis, but it had actually been the top bunk bed crashing down.” 

At the time, Donghyun had been sleeping on the bottom level of the bunk bed while Youngmin slept on the top. Donghyun continued, “I was worried that our comeback might be delayed. However, luckily, I got away with only scratches and bruises on my face… I was able to calm down after the initial shock.” 

The other members blurted out that this wasn’t the first time they had an incident like this. They stated, “But this wasn’t the first time. This happened to Minwoo when Jeongmin was sleeping on the top bed.” Youngmin added, “Yesterday, I was climbing into bed to sleep but it almost crashed down again, scaring me.” Despite the uncertainty they must face every night, the members smiled cheerfully as they stated, “We’ll try to think of ourselves lucky for it could have been a lot worse.” 

Boyfriend is currently in the midst of promotions for “Don’t Touch My Girl”. The members expressed their confidence about their new song, stating, “The beat is fast and the song feels exciting, however the lyrics are sad. We sang this song in the way only Boyfriend could, so we think people will find this refreshing to listen to.” 

Source: Newsen via allkpop

[SCANS] Don't Touch My Girl Album Photobook

Update Logs
 10/11 Update: + 5 Scans of Photobook (Jeongmin) | Naver via Iceprinceafterschool @ B-Nation
 10/11 Update: + 21 Scans / Replaced Some of the Existing Pictures | Source:  gouxiaochou @ Weibo
 10/12 Update: + Full Scans  (49 Photos) | Source:  gouxiaochou @ Weibo

Don't Touch My Girl - Boyfriend's 2nd Single Album Photobook. Check out the scans / pictures below: (Click to Enlarge - Escape to Close)

 Sources: Full Credits to gouxiaochou @ Weibo [Do not take out these pictures without proper credits]