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Vote for Boyfriend on 2011 SBS MTV Best of the Best "Best New Artist and Hot Debut Star"

Vote for Boyfriend on 2011 SBS MTV Best of the Best "Best New Artist and Hot Debut Star". Click on this link:

For Categories "Best New Artist"


For Categories "Hot Debut Star"

You can vote every 10 Minutes until this Sunday! Go Bestfriends!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

[SCHEDULE] Boyfriend November Schedules

Here is the Schedule of Boyfriend for the Month of  November:
  • 3rd – Lee seokhoon’s TenTenClub Public Boardcasting
  • 4th – KBS Music Bank
  • 5th – Dont touch my Girl 2nd Single Album Fansign in Ilsan
  • 5th – MBC FM Shindong’s Shim Shim TaPa (Jeongmin)
  • 5th –  MBC Music Core
  • 6th – SBS Nongshim Love Sharing Concert
  • 6th – Don't Touch My Girl 2nd Single Album Fansign in Mokpo Hottacks
  • 7th – Japan(Tokyo NHK) 熱中stardium Broadcasting
  • 7th – Starking “Astonishing Party” Broadcasting
  • 11th – KBS Music Bank
  • 12th – Don't Touch My Girl 2nd Single Album Fansign in Daegu Hottracks
  • 12th – Don't Touch My Girl 2nd Single Album Fansign in Busan Synnara
  • 13th – SBS Inkigayo
  • 13th – KBS Challenge
  • 13th – Golden Bell (recording)
  • 14th – Japan(Tokyo NHK) 熱中stardium Broadcasting
  • 16th - SBS Inkigayo Campaign Song - Recording
  • 19th - SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s “Love Game” public broadcast [KBS 88 Gymnasium]
  • 19th - MBC Show! Music Core
  • 20th - SBS Inkigayo
  • 21st - Cheongju KBS Rainbow - Recording

Compiled by BFKPOP | Source(s): Boyfriend Official Cafe, Translation: Grace via joky-minbiased and boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

Update Logs:
  11/19 Update: [12:45 AM]  16th - 21st of November Update | Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr
11/10 Update: [7:45 PM] 11th - 13th of November Update | Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr
  Original Post: Boyfriend November Schedules [Posted at 11/04 | 4:54 PM]

[NEWS] Starship Entertainment artists celebrate a great year with ‘ELLE Girl’

SISTAR, K.Will, Boyfriend, and 11 other artists from Starship Entertainment came together recently to shoot a pictorial for ‘ELLE Girl‘ magazine, honoring the end of a fantastic year.

The concept for the pictorial was ‘Party‘, which was highly emphasized by the artists’ relaxed poses and sleek attire. SISTAR dressed up colorful outfits, while Boyfriend showed off their good looks in fitted suits.
In their accompanying interview, the artists shared their personal thoughts about their fellow labelmates. 

Boyfriend’s Dong Hyun complimented K.Will with, “It was K.Will hyung who first taught me how to sing. He is like a teacher to me.”

Meanwhile, Boyfriend’s Hyunseong surprised fans when he revealed that his ideal type is none other than SISTAR’s Bora. “My ideal woman is someone who is friendly and can understand me well.  I think Bora noona is the most approachable.  She takes care of her juniors,” he said.

Smiling, SISTAR’s Soyu expressed that she felt glad for the chance to meet up with her labelmates. “We don’t have many opportunities to meet like this because everyone is busy with their activities, but I feel like we are one family today.”

Finally, Starship Entertainment representatives commented, “We believe Starship’s artists were able to wrap up the year very well due to the love received from our fans.  We thank those fans who show their continuing support. There will be a surprise gift in the near future.”

Source: allkpop via fyeahjotwins

[NEWS] Wonder Girls, “I still remember when Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Kwangmin were still a kid”

The group, Wonder Girls, revealed their relationship with the group, BoyFriend.

On Sunday the 18th, through the radio broadcast of KBS 2FM “Jeon HyunMoo’s Music Square”, Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Sunye talked about members of Boyfriend, Kwangmin and Youngmin.

During the broadcast, Sohee said “Yesterday, for a music broadcasting, I saw the boy idol group Boyfriend.” She continued, “Back when I was young, I remember seeing a pair of male twins who were trainees at our company. They looked familiar, so I asked myself recalling ‘Who are they?’”

They later pointed out that it was twin brothers Youngmin and Kwangminwho has debuted with Boyfriend that has once lived under JYP Entertainment as trainees.

Sunye said, “For the first time, I have done a lot of thinking,” and continued, “I really remember back when I was a kid and it still remains in my memory that it just occurred to me instantly thinking of how tall they would be and how a lot more bigger they would be after they debuted,” which caused laughter.

And added, “I also think that it’s been a while since their debut and I don’t think there are any circumstances that it is surprising [that they debuted]. They did not give up nor get tired on climbing the staircase to upgrade their level* therefore, I want to congratulate them.“

Source(s): (via 현성예설), Translations; imzee@ weloveboyfriend

Thursday, November 10, 2011

[NEWS] Boyfriend members sign their autographs with BB cream

Members Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Donghyun of rookie group Boyfriend attended a product launch event on November 9th for skincare brand Lab Series.

The brand showcased some new products they’ll launching early next year, which included a 3-piece skin-brightening set, as well as a BB cream for men and max LS water lotion.

In honor of their new BB cream, Lab Series hosted a special event that had celebrities sign their name with BB cream instead of ink. In the above photo, the Boyfriend members hold up their personal autographs signed on black paper.

Definitely an eye-catching event!

Source(s): Kuki News via Nate, Hankyung from allkpop

[VIDEO] Boyfriend promoting Zigzag Pangpang

Boyfriend posted a video of them while having fun with Zigzag Pangpang. Check out the video below

Source: MirrorBF

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[VIDEO] Boyfriend's Diary Episode 01

Boyfriend posted a video diary on their Official Boyfriend's Daum Cafe. Check out the Episode 01 (ENG SUB) of their video diary below:

Source: JoTwinBiasedJTB

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[VIDEO] Jeongmin and Kwangmin at Escape the Crisis No.1 Cut

Jeongmin and Kwangmin at Escape the Crisis No.1 Cut [111107]. Check out the video below:

Source: berryzssss

[TRANS] Inkigayo Staff tweets about Boyfriend

An Inkigayo Staff posted a tweet about the Inkigayo November Magazine Issue. Check out the tweet below: 

Really~ Inkigayo November’s edition is published
Boyfriend’s comeback’s special!!
Our handsome leader Donghyun took a full identification photo~!
ᄒᄒ Because of some complications, yesterday’s NongShim concert cannot be published
But we’ll distribute it on Inkigayo starting from the 13th!

—  Inkigayo Staff [Translation (c) boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr]

Source(s): Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

Monday, November 7, 2011

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on SBS Nongshim Love Sharing Concert

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on "SBS Nongshim Love Sharing Concert" [111106]. Check out their stage performance below:

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

[PICS] Jeongmin at ShimShimTapa Radio

Pictures of  Jeongmin at ShimShimTapa Radio [111105]. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close).

Source(s): 老强koko_求年底有RP, poyjiiw @ Weibo and MBC Official Website

[SCANS] Boyfriend on Korean Newspaper

Scan of Boyfriend Page on Korean Newspaper. Check out the picture below: (Click to Enlarge, Close to Escape).

Source(s): fyeahjoyoungmin @ Tumblr

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on Music Core

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on "Music Core" [111105]. Check out their stage performance below:

Source: CrazyCarrot210

Saturday, November 5, 2011

[TRANS] Boyfriend Twitter Update

Boyfriend Members Donghyun and Minwoo posted an Update via their Official Boyfriend's Twitter Account. Check out the tweets below:

[B.F:민우] 수능이 이제 조금밖에 안남았아요 수험생분들 모두 대박나세요~~찰싹붙어랑ㅎㅎ 찹쌀떡에 풀칠하면 떨어질수가 없겠죠?다들 조금만 더 힘내세요~!!

[B.F:Minwoo] There’s very little time left until you have take the SAT, candidates please do well~~ Stick while going through the examㅎㅎ You won’t be dropped from the list* if you are as sticky as glutinous rice cakes right? Everyone please work hard~!!

— Minwoo via Boyfriend's Official Twitter Account [Translation (c) boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr] 

[B.F:동현] 수험생 여러분! 수능이 이제 일주일 남았어요. 잘푸세요 얍!!! 호ㅏ이팅 !!!!!!!!!!!!

[B.F:Donghyun] High school seniors! There’s one week left till the SAT. Relax well!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

—Donghyun via Boyfriend's Official Twitter Account [Translation (c) boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr] 

Source(s): Boyfriend's Official Twitter Account, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on Music Bank

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on "Music Bank" [111104]. Check out their stage performance below:

Source: UnknownCarrot180

[PICS] Boyfriend's Shoes Sponsor

Pictures of Boyfriend showing their Sponsored Shoes. Check the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge - Close to Escape).

Source(s): sdara90 @ Weibo

[YOUNGMIN] Youngmin’s Daum Cafe Update

Youngmin posted a message for the fans via their Official Daum Cafe [111105]. Check out his message below:

[From. Youngmin♡] Hello, at Music Core

Now we’re at Music Core’s waiting room

Many fans came today, I feel happy

I believe that more fans will come tomorrow

See you tomorrow!!!!!

— Youngmin via Boyfriend's Daum Cafe [Translation (c) boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr] 

Source(s): Boyfriend Daum Cafe, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

[ARTICLE] “Boyfriend, have you tried eating monkey’s meat?”

“Have you tried eating monkey’s meat?”

While K-pop is attracting people globally, idol groups have been obtaining many international fans. Thus, sometimes there will be some surprising returns. Boyfriend who debuted this year was startled when they received an unusual present.

Donghyun who complained that he was hungry in the practice room nonchalantly tore off a piece of meat to eat. He only knew that it was monkey’s meat after that. Donghyun laughingly said “If no one told me, I’d have thought it was pork meat. There wasn’t much difference in taste”.

The difficulties of being an idol?

Before debuting, Boyfriend was already anticipated overseas. Their fashionable looks similar to those of a manhwa male lead’s features, and their eye-catching aegyo dance successfully wavered many girls’ hearts.

Even though that’s very fortunate, it’s not easy being an idol. The members said “Actually, hearing that we look similar to manhwa characters makes us feel burdened.” “The difficulties of being idols is that you cannot forget your smile.” while smiling like a beauty pageant.

Rookie of the year 2011 Boyfriend!

Boyfriend who debuted in May with the song “Boyfriend” recently announced their image transformation during their second single.

The members stated that “Even though the melody is cheerful, the lyrics has a sad feeling. You can say that it has a type of imbalance.” “Our debut song had a cute youthful concept. Our new song emphasizes the image full of maturity and charisma.”

“Don’t Touch My Girl” is Boyfriend who is aiming for this year’s Rookie Award’s wild ambition. Sweetunes told the members to show a sincere performance. “When you smile while singing this song, make sure you’re really smiling.”

Boyfriend commented “It is very competitive in the idol business, but we have confidence now. It’s important to have teamwork, and we’ve confirmed this during our second single.” “Setting this as our base, we will challenge the market in Thailand, Singapore, Japan and more.”

Source(s): Article; MINi @ Weibo, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

Friday, November 4, 2011

[FANCAM] Boyfriend Interview at Ten Ten Club

Fancam - Boyfriend Interview at Ten Ten Club [111103]. Check out the video below:

Source: KwangPara @ Youtube

[PICS] Kwangmin and Minwoo with SISTAR Hyorin

SISTAR Hyorin shared funny pictures with Minwoo and Kwangmin via SISTAR's Official Twitter Account. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close).

Source: SISTAR's Official Twitter Account

[PICS] Boyfriend at Pynk Concert

Boyfriend at Pynk Concert [111026] covered by Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close)

Source: ABO (