Saturday, November 19, 2011

[NEWS] Wonder Girls, “I still remember when Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Kwangmin were still a kid”

The group, Wonder Girls, revealed their relationship with the group, BoyFriend.

On Sunday the 18th, through the radio broadcast of KBS 2FM “Jeon HyunMoo’s Music Square”, Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Sunye talked about members of Boyfriend, Kwangmin and Youngmin.

During the broadcast, Sohee said “Yesterday, for a music broadcasting, I saw the boy idol group Boyfriend.” She continued, “Back when I was young, I remember seeing a pair of male twins who were trainees at our company. They looked familiar, so I asked myself recalling ‘Who are they?’”

They later pointed out that it was twin brothers Youngmin and Kwangminwho has debuted with Boyfriend that has once lived under JYP Entertainment as trainees.

Sunye said, “For the first time, I have done a lot of thinking,” and continued, “I really remember back when I was a kid and it still remains in my memory that it just occurred to me instantly thinking of how tall they would be and how a lot more bigger they would be after they debuted,” which caused laughter.

And added, “I also think that it’s been a while since their debut and I don’t think there are any circumstances that it is surprising [that they debuted]. They did not give up nor get tired on climbing the staircase to upgrade their level* therefore, I want to congratulate them.“

Source(s): (via 현성예설), Translations; imzee@ weloveboyfriend