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[PICS] Fantaken - Boyfriend Fan-Meeting at Jamsil

Fantaken - Boyfriend Fan-Meeting at Jamsil [111022]. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close).

Source(s): CF (1973275993) and Star @ Weibo

[PICS] Starship Entertainment Twitter Update

Starship Entertainment tweeted pictures from Fan Meeting @ Jamsil. Check out Starship Entertainment's tweet:




[현장24시] 보이프렌드의 사인회 현장!

[Translation] [Site 24:00] Fan-Meeting with Boyfriend! 
—  Starship Entertainment Official Twitter Account [Translation (c)  BFKPOP]

Source: Starship Entertainment Official Twitter Account, Translation: BFKPOP

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on Music Core

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on "Music Core" [111022]. MBC Music Core of October 22 was aired at 1:30 pm due to 2011 major league baseball playoffs game. Check out their stage performance below:

Source: monmonsnowSeason3 @ Youtube

[BFKPOP] What to Like! What to Follow!

BFKPOP Boyfriend Fanbase Guide. What to Like! What to Follow!

Boyfriend Offical
Official Boyfriend Page: Boyfriend
Starship Entertainment Page: Starship Entertainment 
Twitter Account: G_Boyfriend
BF Youtube Channel: starshipTV

Facebook Boyfriend Fanpages (Arranged according to the Number of Likes) [Red: Most Active]
BOY Friend (34k+) Page ID: 6boyfriends
Boy Friend (남자친구) (14k+) Page ID: 6starshipboys 
Boyfriend (12k+) Page ID: 2ndOfficialPage 
Boy Friend (12k+) Page ID: 205840089443924 
Boy Friend (10k+) Page ID: BoyFriendJjang 
Boyfriend (9k+) Page ID: boyfriend.kpop  
BoyFriend (7k+) Page ID: 211005915607031 
Boyfriend (5k+) Page ID: 178790565512742 
Boyfriend. ~~ (4k+) Page ID: 186828534699713 
BoyFriend (Starship Boys) (4k+) Page ID: BoyFriend2011 
Boyfriend World (보이프렌드) (1k+) Page ID: BoyfriendWorld.Ppyong 

(Country Base) Facebook Boyfriend Fanpages
boyfriend (thailand Asian.) (2k+) Page ID: 185196911526561 
Boyfriend Philippines  (2k+) Page ID: officialBoyfriendPH 
Boyfriend Singapore (600+) Page ID: 168001483263616 
Boyfriend Indonesia Fans Club (Bestfriend & Girlfriend) (5k+) Page ID: BoFiFans 

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Tumblr - Boyfriend Tumblr Fanbases
fyeahjoyoungmin ♥ 
fyleejeongmin ♥ 
yourboyfriends ♥ 

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Weibo Community 
yinyuetaikoreamusic - Yinyuetai Korea Music
ryokochan1 - Ryokochan (User)
bf95line3minute - BF 95 Line 3MIN Station
boyfriendchina - Boyfriend China
choyoungminbar - Youngmin China
nominwoo - Minwoo China
hanakim - Hana-kim (User)
95ykmin - Twinstar Jo Twins China
kwangminchina - Kwangmin China
baidujindongxuanba - Kim Donghyun
boyfriendcafe - Boyfriend Cafe
star1989345 - Boyfriend Star
1689009417 - Sunshine Hyunseong China
2245360995 - Zhao Gwangmin (Kwangmin)
joyoungminchina - Honeyoung Joyoungmin China
sdara90 - Sdara (User)
nominwoobar - Nominwoo

Websites and Other Blogs
Boyfriend International Forum - BNATION
boyfriendboyband (Wordpress)
iloveboyfriendband (Wordpress)
Boyfriend Fan Club @
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mysixboyfriend (Blogspot)
boyfriendindonesia (Wordpress)

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Twitter Fanbase
6BoyFriend_Fans @6BoyFriend_fans

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[TRANS] Boyfriend "Our Rookie of The Year in The Family" [111014]

“The first single is out already and many people listen to it and like it”. Second single, “Don’t Touch My Girl” is getting a lot attention in challenging to a normal mature stage performance. “Jackpot! Isn’t it good? Well, tell us if you miss it”. You are actually will facing a full of joking guys here. With 6 members who are gathered and debuted as a new group, Boyfriend. Their second single ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ contains many visual changes.

Their adoneses appearance was not appealing to look up to. With their fullness passion and energy. Adding by their powerful muscles. Slip on the stage, smiling that can kill ‘noona’s, and their self confidence comes from nowhere.

Placing their name in the chart for only 5 months without any hesitation, sounds like they are here (in showbiz) for a long time. With their senior on the same agency, Sistar, which we can’t forget about, the rookie will continuing the tradition of winning many awards.

▲ The new song, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, what kind of music on it? 
Jeongmin: Great beat music, but also has sad lyrics. The mood of the song is really contrasts with the title. More like KARA’s Jumping and Mister kind of musics and lyrics

▲ You are already in a second single area, do you have different feelings? 
Youngmin: We feel more free on the stage. At first, working with those cameras is so exhausting. We looked so unnatural because of we were full of things to worry about. We also have to practice a lot in the mirror 
▶Ah! I keep went down, expose ourself to do the best and we also heard a lot of testimonies.

▲ How was the atmosphere for now? 
Donghyun: Lots of movements so that we raise a lot muscle. More sense of competition among the members about exercising.
Kwangmin: A man told me that he was saw me before and I made a big change for visual. A lot of young fans also told me that I grew so much.

▲ How about your fans? 
Hyunseong: Their fanchants, they make us happy and move. They are surprise us every time we are on the stage. I said, “Is this really our fans?”
Minwoo: Fans react a lot for any events that we go to. Makes the stage like a place to play around. Everything you do, makes a lot of reaction from the fans.

▲ As a rookie, what’s your goal?
Donghyun: We would like to be highlighted everytime. With Sistar sunbaenims, we are really honoured to be amateur and they’ll helping us continuously as we are on the same company.

Source(s):, Translation: supernupa@B-NATION

[VIDEO] Boyfriend on M-net wide MCD Behind

Boyfriend on M-net wide MCD Behind [111021]. Check out the video below:

 Source: ryokochanth @ Youtube

[INTERVIEW] Boyfriend "The competition with girl groups? We use our masculine charms to capture girls' hearts."

The idol group Boyfriend made up of pretty boys which debuted in May has a cute and refreshing charm alongside their nickname as pet-dol, obtaining the support of many teenage fans. After 5 months, Boyfriend who made their comeback with “Don’t Touch My Girl” has grown manlier. The pure and fresh image has disappeared, replaced by a charisma. Not only their concept, Boyfriend’s image has also transformed, showing confidence on stage. Unlike the previous interview filled with nervousness, it feels like they can joke around this time.

“When we first debuted, we were very nervous. Now we feel more relaxed, it’s starting to feel cheerful. Seeing our fans while we’re on stage, looking at their placards, our views have broadened. It feels more enjoyable. Even though we still feel that we are lacking, but we feel like we are improving little by little.”

The six members, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo all had satisfied expressions showing that the concept this time suited their preferences. “It’s something we’ve always wanted to do. We prefer showing masculinity compared to cuteness, so we feel more at ease. It’s a bit more comfortable this time”, confessed Donghyun.

Jeongmin and Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, the dongsaengs are already so cute. It’s harder for me to look good because I have to smile nicely, it’s difficult for me to find that expression. I feel more comfortable now”, added Hyunseong. On the other hand, Youngmin from the maknae line commented that “It’s troubling for us when showing expressions, if we show intense expressions, it may turn out scary; if we try to open our eyes widely, we’ll look like we’re in a daze. But we feel like we’ve found the feel”.

The members added while laughing, “20% of our fans think that it’s a pity we’ve lost our cute image, but 80% thinks that the concept this time is better. Compared to being fully masculine, we’re satisfied because we can show the image of growing into a man”.

“Don’t Touch My Girl” is composed by hit song composer SweeTune, the cute and refreshing feel is the song’s unique point, singing out the song’s sorrow. SweeTune enables the members to sing the song not by using their skills, but by using their feelings, so the members individually expressed their skills.

“Actually, I didn’t have any relation to the song lyrics, I didn’t have any experience, and I cannot date now. Remembering the sunbaes telling me to watch sad movies in order to grasp the feel, I watched many sad movies before recording the song. “Giving you my first love“‘s lead male character feeling of sadness when we couldn’t protect his first love is similar to the song lyrics, after shifting the feeling, it’s finally OK”, said Hyunseong.

Donghyun stated that “The other members are in their teenage years, so they don’t have and experience in love, I am in my twenties, so I have experience. The feeling of being in love and english lyrics are connected so I can sing the song well”.

It’s been more than 5 months since Boyfriend’s debut, even though they are still rookies, it is observed that they are climbing up and growing up rapidly. As per usual, there will be international fans present during performances and fan meetings. They also received many love calls from Japan. After going on Japan NHK’s show “Enthusiasm Stadium”, they were appraised as the next k-pop celebrity.

“We have not held activities in Japan and China yet, but we saw many fans at the airport. We experienced the feeling of the popularity of k-pop, we really want to take part in the Hallyu wave quickly.”

Boyfriend who are currently doing their promotional activities while having fierce competition with girl groups such as Secret’s and Girl’s Generation’s comeback commented that “In contrary to that, we want to show the charm of men”, “We had a cutesy concept the first time, after transforming into a different style, everyone seemed to be shocked, we us our ability to show many changes to compete”, implying the challenge to girl groups.

When Boyfriend was asked about their long-term goal, just like in their interview 5 months ago, they stated that their wish to win the Best Rookie award is still there.

“We hope that we can obtain the Best Rookie award. Sistar sunbae from the same company as us got the Best Rookie award last year, this time we want to win it. We hope that after promoting our new album, we can hold on to the probability of winning it.”

Source(s): Article: Mini @ Weibo, Translation: boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr

Friday, October 21, 2011

[PICS] Boyfriend's Sponsor

Update Logs:
 10/21 Update: [9:20 PM] Added Kwangmin's Jacket Sponsor | Source(s): fronkey @ Weibo
 Original Post: Pictures of Boyfriend wearing their Sponsored Clothes [Posted at 3:34 PM | 10/18]

Pictures of Boyfriend wearing their Sponsored Clothes. Check the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge - Close to Escape).

Source: sdara90 and fronkey @ Weibo

[PERF] Boyfriend performs "Don't Touch My Girl" on Music Bank

Boyfriend performed "Don't Touch My Girl" on "Music Bank" [111021]. (As of October 21st - Boyfriend is currently at Rank 8 on Music Bank). Check out their stage performance below: 

Source: Video; UnknownCarrot180 @ Youtube, Rank Update; BNation

[PICS] Fantaken - Boyfriend at tvN's Show Show Show [Part III]

Part I of [PICS] Fantaken - Boyfriend at tvN's Show Show Show
Part II of [PICS] Fantaken - Boyfriend at tvN's Show Show Show

Fantaken - Pictures of Boyfriend at tvN's Show Show Show *Part III* [111018]. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge - Escape to Close).


Source: 940102 @ Bestiz