Monday, October 17, 2011

[YOUNGMIN] Youngmin Fan Chat + UFO Message

Youngmin Fan Chat + UFO Message.

Youngmin's Fanchat

  • Fan:
     [Boyfriend] Oppas were so cool on Inkigayo today. Why are you guys so cool? And why don't you guys ever send ufo replies; i don't remember receiving even one.
  • Youngmin: Was it okay?
  • Fan: Yep, you were totally cool. Oppa why doesn't Minwoo oppa answer my ufos? oppa's the first, i totally love you. In english class, my teacher asked us to name a song we liked and I chose oppas'. Did I do well?
  • Youngmin: Ooh, did many people pick our song?
  • Fan: Yeah ㅎ if oppa was also like Kwangmin oppa I think it'd be really cute. But does Kwangmin oppa really like Pikachu that much?ㅋ
  • Youngmin: You're totally a Kwangmin fan.. ㅋㅋ
Source: Boyfriend Daum Cafe, Translation: jaein @boyfriend-translations, UFO Message Screenshots: jaein @boyfriend-translations