Saturday, October 22, 2011

[TRANS] Boyfriend "Our Rookie of The Year in The Family" [111014]

“The first single is out already and many people listen to it and like it”. Second single, “Don’t Touch My Girl” is getting a lot attention in challenging to a normal mature stage performance. “Jackpot! Isn’t it good? Well, tell us if you miss it”. You are actually will facing a full of joking guys here. With 6 members who are gathered and debuted as a new group, Boyfriend. Their second single ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ contains many visual changes.

Their adoneses appearance was not appealing to look up to. With their fullness passion and energy. Adding by their powerful muscles. Slip on the stage, smiling that can kill ‘noona’s, and their self confidence comes from nowhere.

Placing their name in the chart for only 5 months without any hesitation, sounds like they are here (in showbiz) for a long time. With their senior on the same agency, Sistar, which we can’t forget about, the rookie will continuing the tradition of winning many awards.

▲ The new song, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, what kind of music on it? 
Jeongmin: Great beat music, but also has sad lyrics. The mood of the song is really contrasts with the title. More like KARA’s Jumping and Mister kind of musics and lyrics

▲ You are already in a second single area, do you have different feelings? 
Youngmin: We feel more free on the stage. At first, working with those cameras is so exhausting. We looked so unnatural because of we were full of things to worry about. We also have to practice a lot in the mirror 
▶Ah! I keep went down, expose ourself to do the best and we also heard a lot of testimonies.

▲ How was the atmosphere for now? 
Donghyun: Lots of movements so that we raise a lot muscle. More sense of competition among the members about exercising.
Kwangmin: A man told me that he was saw me before and I made a big change for visual. A lot of young fans also told me that I grew so much.

▲ How about your fans? 
Hyunseong: Their fanchants, they make us happy and move. They are surprise us every time we are on the stage. I said, “Is this really our fans?”
Minwoo: Fans react a lot for any events that we go to. Makes the stage like a place to play around. Everything you do, makes a lot of reaction from the fans.

▲ As a rookie, what’s your goal?
Donghyun: We would like to be highlighted everytime. With Sistar sunbaenims, we are really honoured to be amateur and they’ll helping us continuously as we are on the same company.

Source(s):, Translation: supernupa@B-NATION