Saturday, November 5, 2011

[ARTICLE] “Boyfriend, have you tried eating monkey’s meat?”

“Have you tried eating monkey’s meat?”

While K-pop is attracting people globally, idol groups have been obtaining many international fans. Thus, sometimes there will be some surprising returns. Boyfriend who debuted this year was startled when they received an unusual present.

Donghyun who complained that he was hungry in the practice room nonchalantly tore off a piece of meat to eat. He only knew that it was monkey’s meat after that. Donghyun laughingly said “If no one told me, I’d have thought it was pork meat. There wasn’t much difference in taste”.

The difficulties of being an idol?

Before debuting, Boyfriend was already anticipated overseas. Their fashionable looks similar to those of a manhwa male lead’s features, and their eye-catching aegyo dance successfully wavered many girls’ hearts.

Even though that’s very fortunate, it’s not easy being an idol. The members said “Actually, hearing that we look similar to manhwa characters makes us feel burdened.” “The difficulties of being idols is that you cannot forget your smile.” while smiling like a beauty pageant.

Rookie of the year 2011 Boyfriend!

Boyfriend who debuted in May with the song “Boyfriend” recently announced their image transformation during their second single.

The members stated that “Even though the melody is cheerful, the lyrics has a sad feeling. You can say that it has a type of imbalance.” “Our debut song had a cute youthful concept. Our new song emphasizes the image full of maturity and charisma.”

“Don’t Touch My Girl” is Boyfriend who is aiming for this year’s Rookie Award’s wild ambition. Sweetunes told the members to show a sincere performance. “When you smile while singing this song, make sure you’re really smiling.”

Boyfriend commented “It is very competitive in the idol business, but we have confidence now. It’s important to have teamwork, and we’ve confirmed this during our second single.” “Setting this as our base, we will challenge the market in Thailand, Singapore, Japan and more.”

Source(s): Article; MINi @ Weibo, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr