Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[NEWS] Boyfriend's "Don't Touch My Girl" The Making News Articles

*Boyfriend’s members reveal their real selves with engaging frankness

On October 30, Starship Entertainment, Boyfriend’s agency, released the unedited version of the music video of “Don’t Touch My Girl” via YouTube, the leader in online video.

In the video, Boyfriend’s members look far more familiar and friendly, compared to their charismatic looks and spirits on stage: Riding on a bicycle, Kwangmin looks cool and handsome until he loses his balance, stumbling; Playing at basketball, Youngmin releases a shot but only turns out to have no bump of basketball.

Fans who saw the video left responses: “I don’t know how to get out of a swamp of your charms.” “I burst out laughing as I saw Gwangmin losing his balance while riding on a bicycle.”

Source(s): TV Report, Translation; Geum Jae @ Korea.com

*Unedited version of Boyfriend’s music video is creating a stir!

Unedited version of Boyfriend’s music video “Don’t Touch My Girl” is becoming an issue.

On the 30th, the group’s agency, Starship Entertainment, uploaded an unedited music video of “Don’t Touch My Girl.” In the clip, the group shows different sides from its charismatic image on stage.

Funny and interesting scenes are covered in the clip, including Kwang Min stumbling while riding a bicycle and Young Min making a basketball shoot in a funny posture.

Netizens comment: “They are attractive guys.” “Kwang Min’s stumbling scene riding a bike gave me a good laugh.” “Thanks for the clip.”

Boyfriend is keeping itself on higher ranks with its new song “Don’t Touch My Girl,” actively giving performances.

Source: Star Daily News

Check out the video (Don't Touch My Girl - The Making) Here: LINK