Thursday, October 27, 2011

[ARTICLE] Boyfriend Interview

The 6 members who have features similar to those of a manhwa character have won over many girls’ hearts and are lively on stage. Boyfriend who have debuted in summer with the mini album “Boyfriend’ is now doing their promotional activities for their second single “Don’t Touch My Girl”. Until now, they have shown us two songs, and have shown the songs’ charm.

Before Boyfriend debuted, they felt that the stage is a place of wonder, and just by watching the other singers performing on stage, they felt emotional. But now, they’ve gradually begun to find their place as a singer.  Leader Donghyun(22) commented that “We were passive when we just debuted. Now we’ve started to broaden our views, and become able to keep seeing our fans while we’re on stage”. Jeongmin and Minwoo were very nervous in the past, but after hearing their fans’ cheers and seen their banners, they’ve gradually overcome it and have the urge to to show more for everyone.
In only a few months’ time, the matured Boyfriend has discarded their previous cute image that makes people want to whisk them away by putting them in their pockets, and transformed into charming youths. Their second single title track “Don’t Touch My Girl” which was composed by SweeTune’s Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo is a total opposite of affectionate and pure love, has a more prominent forceful choreography and explosive performance. To show the small affection of a teenager, there is use of dynamic group choreography to fill in the whole performance.
Just like any other rookie group, Boyfriend also wishes to obtain the year’s Rookie Award. In unison, they have expressed their wish of winning the Rookie Award, and determinedly stated that “The Rookie Award can only be won once in a lifetime, because it is so precious, we want to win it very much”. However, Boyfriend’s target is not only the Rookie Award. They want to break away from the constraints of being an idol group, having the wish of becoming artists.
Hyunseong(18) stated that “In order to be recognized as an artist, I want to challenge composing lyrics and music if I have the chance to do so.  Of course, I’ll make mistakes in the process of working hard, but I want to let people see how much we want to become musicians and artists”.
To let everyone further differenciate between an artist and an idol, Minwoo(16) also commented that “We don’t want to satisfy everyone by letting everyone know us in a period of time, instead, we want to give everyone new options, and keep improving without fail”.
Jeongmin(17) who has never given up on his talent, and held on to his dream of becoming a singer since young said “During middle school, everyone started to like performing on stage, it’s like I’ve naturally had the dream of becoming a singer. He further commented that “To fulfill my dream of becoming a singer, when Boyfriend has reached it’s peak, I want to let everyone know that we can only improve, and let everyone see the process of us working hard to improve”.
Kim Hyunjoong look-alike twins Youngmin(16) and Kwangmin(16) who have gathered many topics of discussion have also confirmed their target of becoming singers. Youngmin said “I want to become the target of others who want to become idols. When they work hard to be like us to achieve their dream, I want to be able to help them”. Kwangmin said “In the non-stop process of growing, I want to be able to be recognized by everyone. I also want Boyfriend to become a group which can show off all of it’s own unique traits”.
Boyfriend also commented that “In the midst of so many, we want to walk on a road that only belongs to Boyfriend. Walking on a road that our sunbaes have walked on before will be much more easier, because there won’t be big challenges, and we’ll be able to safely promote. But we want to walk on a road that other idols will not choose”. Besides that, they expressed that “We want to have a 180 degrees transformation during every new album, so as to always give everyone Boyfriend with fresh feeling”.
Boyfriend who is stepping in the competitive showbiz have to go through cold situations and constantly change their images in order to be recognized by the public. They have prepared themselves mentally, and all they need is a wide stage where they can freely enjoy.

Source: MINi, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr