Thursday, October 27, 2011

[TRANS] Boyfriend Twitter Update

Update Logs:
10/27 Update: [12:30 AM] Added Hyunseong, Youngmin and Kwangmin tweets | Source(s): Boyfriend's Official Twitter Account, Translations; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr
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On October 26th, Members tweeted some pictures and messages to their fans via their Official Boyfriend Twitter Account. Check the tweets below:




[BF:정민] 굿모닝!!!!히히 태국의아침이에요…!! 어제 태국팬여러분들을 만날수있어서 너무좋았어요..!! 얼굴이 퉁퉁부엇다…ㅡ.,ㅠ 좀있다뵈요!!

[BF:Jeongmin] Good Morning!!!! Hehe morning in Thailand…!! I feel happy after seeing our Thailand fans yesterday..!! My face has become swollen…ㅡ.,ㅠ See you later!!

[B.F:민우] 우와…공연준비하고있는데 정말 많은분들이 응원해주셔서 완전깜짝놀랐어요!!!ㅇ0 ㅇ 너무너무 감사해요~~> ,<
[B.F:Minwoo] Wow… Preparing for the performance. Many people came to cheer for us, I am very surprised!!! ㅇ0 ㅇ Thank you very, very much~~> ,<

[B.F:동현] 사와디캅! 보이프렌드가 태국 방콕에왔어요! 음식두 맛있구 팬분들도 넘 환호해주셔서 깜짝놀랐어요! 비가많이와서 많은 피해입으셨다는데 하루빨리복구되길 기도할께요!!
[B.F:Donghyun] Sawadikap! Boyfriend came to Bangkok, Thailand! The food here is very delicious. I was surprised when the fans cheered for us! The rain is heavy, causing damages. Must recover as soon as possible!

[B.F:현성] 태국에 처음와서 굉장히 기대도 걱정도 많이했는데 열렬히 반겨주셔서 너무 기뻤습니다. 공연장에서 만나요
[B.F:Hyunseong] It’s my first time coming to Thailand, I anticipated and worried a lot, but thanks a lot for welcoming us so warmly. Let’s meet at the performance stage.

[B.F:영민] SAWADEEKAB태국팬분들 환영해주셔서 감사합니다 앞으로도 열심히할테니까 지켜봐주세요 그리구 태국에 홍수피해입으신 모든분들 빨리복구되었으면 좋겠습니다SUSU~화이팅!!!
[B.F: Youngmin] SAWADEEKAB Thailand fans, thank you for welcoming us. We’ll work harder in the future, so please continue looking forward to us. I hope that you’ll recover from the damages cause by the flood quickly SUSU~Fighting!!!

[B.F:광민] 공항이에요 태국팬여러분들의 환호속에서 즐겁고신나게 무대마쳤습니다 응원해주셔서 너무 감사했습니다 태국음식도 넘 맛있었어요 홍수피해 빨리 복구되시길 기도하겠습니다 또 올께요 캅푼캅~!
[BF:Kwangmin] Thai fans cheered in the airport. They sound fun and thank you so much we completed our performance. Thai food was delicious. I hope flood will recover quickly or I’m gonna wish you prayers!
—  Boyfriend Official Twitter Account [Translation (c)  boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr]

Source: Boyfriend Official Twitter Account, Translation; boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr