Sunday, October 23, 2011

[PICS] Fantaken - Boyfriend OTW to Music Bank

Update Logs:
 10/23 Update: [11:20 AM] Added + 2 Pictures | Source(s): Katyshek @ Weibo
 Original Post: Fantaken - Boyfriend OTW to Music Bank [111021] [Posted at 12:56 PM | 10/22]

Fantaken - Boyfriend on their way to Music Bank [111021]. Check out the pictures below: (Click to Enlarge, Escape to Close).

Source(s): miyasiu and moonisland512 @Weibo, MinwooBF Thailand, With Donghyun, Kwang Para, FanCySiyeOn, Youth0526 and Katyshek @Weibo. (Credits on Chinese Characters tagged on the Watermark)