Saturday, October 29, 2011

[TRANS] Boom's Young Street Radio Talk

Boom's Young Street Radio Talk [111028]. Check out the conversations below:

  • Boom: When was your first love?
  • Hyunseong: I've never dated, honestly, until now, I don't even know what love is.
  • Boom: That's so pitiful.

  • Boom: Being in the same company as K.Will and Sistar, what are the most ruthless words they have said to you?
  • Minwoo: "We're always observing you, do well!" Kekekeke, it's not actually very ruthless, they are just taking care of us.

  • Kwangmin: We have the kind of bodies that cannot gain weight no matter how much we eat, because of this we feel pressured, because we're too thin.

  • Boom: What are the words you want to say to your parents?
  • Jeongmin: To the parents of our 6 members, because we've been so busy, we couldn't make any calls.
  • Members: He's going to cry, he's going to cry.
  • Jeongmin: I'm not crying... Kekeke. I feel very sorry, I'll make more calls in the future, we'll definitely be successful.

Source: boyfriend-champion @ Tumblr